6 business reasons to invest time and money into developing people

If you’re working to influence internal stakeholders to invest in your development or that of your team here’s my top 6 reasons to develop people:

  1. To show that the organisation values great performance and great people

  2. To support leaders to actually achieve their business objectives as part of their annual performance review. E.g. developing stakeholder relationships, delivering transformational change, improving the performance of their team

  3. To increase the effectiveness and the ability of leaders to deliver higher productivity in their roles: more sales, higher efficiency, increased team engagement (which impacts the previous two). An increase in productivity by 2% would cover most course fees and the improvements are likely to be considerably higher

  4. To develop a network outside of the organisation that will support with developing knowledge, skills and ability to deliver as a leader

  5. To increase the engagement of those who work for the leaders, a 2016 Gallup poll, showed that teams with high levels of employee engagement are 21% more productive.

  6. To learn how to build trust with their teams and improve job satisfaction, 61% of respondents in a Society for Human Resource Management, survey sighted trusting their leaders as a major factor to job satisfaction